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Ratings, Rankings and Reviews Tool | KDP Amazon

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Ratings, Rankings and Reviews Tool | KDP Amazon

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14 ratings

This ‘Ratings, Rankings and Reviews Tool’ is specifically created to work with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Amazon.

Compare and analyze the rankings in the different categories, keep track of the ratings and read the latest reviews  ! 

This Excel tool automatically collects the latest data from your KDP book publications on the Amazon website. It can show information of 25 books at a time.
The table shows you the following information of every book:

* Displays a picture of the cover of your book
* The 1 to 5 star rating of every book.
* The number of Global ratings each book has received
* The date of the Latest review.
* The most recent Top review.
* The 1 to 3 categories where the book is published 
* The ranking number in those categories.
* Up and down arrow-icons to show higher or lower ranking over time.
* URL link to open the book in your browser

You can easily copy ISBN/ASIN numbers of your books from a Sales Report and then paste them in the Excel sheet.
You could also get the ISBN/ASIN numbers from other books in the categories you're interested in, to see how you can compete better with others!

Watch the video here!

**This tool Works with WINDOWS - MS Excel. -Internet Explorer  (currently does not work on MAC)**

**As our products are digital, they are non refundable. If you have ideas or suggestion how we may improve this product or if you experience any problems using it, then please contact us**

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