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KDP Mega Tool | Powerful PowerPoint Add-In For Creating Planners & Books with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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KDP Mega Tool | Powerful PowerPoint Add-In For Creating Planners & Books with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP Tools
13 ratings

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Please Watch the Introduction Videos!

To get an idea what this tool is capable of:

This PowerPoint Add-In has the following tools to:

  • Create Dynamic Dated Planners, with pictures, frames inserted automatically in bulk.
  • Insert text from Excel lists automatically in bulk throughout your planner.
  • Change and edit the layout of the images and texts and the format of the dates at any time.
  • Easily change the dates or the theme in your design. So you can use the same planner the next year, or create multiple planners with a slightly different design or a new theme!
  • Create  Monthly Planners covering 2 pages per calendar month.
  • Create Monthly Planners covering 1 page every calendar month.
  • Setup a KDP-sized page automatically
  • Inserts the right margin guidelines for the left- and right pages of your design.
  • Copies and Pastes selected slides to a new Powerpoint presentation.
  • Duplicates selectes slides.
  • Replace the selected layout pages for different templates in bulk.
  • Rename the different shapes in your Template Design, so you can easily recognize them when creating or editing your planner.
  • Change the shapes. Change their design, the colors, visibility etc. in bulk. 

Need a Planner that is not dated?
 No problem, you can use the same design twice; with and without dates.

Made a mistake with inserting the wrong pictures or text in your planner?

You can easily delete these pictures and text in bulk. Then you can insert the pictures or texts that you've chosen. Within minutes you can change your theme from a 'Cat planner' into a 'Yoga planner' by simply replacing the pictures and text in bulk !

You are almost done creating your planner, but want to change some pictures, text or layout and have that repeated on every page?
Then just make the desired changes in 1 shape, and all other shapes with the same name throughout your presentation, will change at the same time!

Visit our the KDP Tools YouTube Channel for more videos:


**This add-in Works with Windows and PowerPoint 2016 and higher. Together with Excel (for the text lists feature) To make sure this add-in works on your device with your version of PowerPoint, please download the Free trial version of this add-in first**
**As our products are digital, they are non refundable. If you experience any problem with this product then you can contact us**

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