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Word/Number/Emoji Search Puzzle Generator with Hidden Trivia !

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Word/Number/Emoji Search Puzzle Generator with Hidden Trivia !

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10 ratings

download the Trial version for free!!

This word search puzzle generator in Excel creates an unlimited amount of unique puzzles that you can save in bulk on your computer. The tool can also insert all generated puzzles into PowerPoint, in bulk and export it as a single pdf-file, ready to print or directly upload to KDP

What makes this wordsearch generator so unique, is that inside the wordsearch puzzlegrid, you can insert a hidden sentence ! With this option you can create an extra puzzle, inside a puzzle! You can select from different themes the sentence, quote or other text that you want to use. But you can also create your own unique themes, trivia, stories, quotes and so on !

Download the TRIAL version of this Puzzle Generator for FREE

You can create puzzles with words from a specific theme that you have selected. There is already a variety of themes you can choose from, with thousands of unique words!

The Following Wordlists, with more than 8.000 words are included for free!
-Animals, Countries, Sports, Languages, Food, Astronomy, Dogs, Body, Art, Colors, Computers, Music, Positive Words, Plants, Weather, Clothing, House, Fish, Energy, Religion, Mixed Words
But it is also possible to add your own themes or wordlists. You can do this by simply creating a new list and add the words of your choice.

There is also an option to create NUMBER search puzzles

Also added is a new feature to create EMOJI search puzzles !

You can also change the difficulty level of the puzzle by adding hints!

You can insert the generated into PowerPoint automaticaly !

With this Puzzle Creator in Excel you have the following options:
* Change width and height to create different sized puzzles.
* Select from a variety of wordlists to create puzzles with a theme.
* Add your own unique wordlist!
* Create NUMBER Search Puzzles!
* Create EMOJI Search Puzzles!
* Create puzzles with a Hidden Message inside the puzzlegrid!
* Change the Difficulty Level of the puzzle by adding Hints!
* Save the puzzles and solutions on your computer.
* Export PowerPoint in bulk to create a PDF file; this interior is ready for upload to KDP

**This tool Works with WINDOWS - MS Excel 2016 and later Optional: MS PowerPoint for exporting puzzles. **
Try the TRIAL version first to see if the software works on your system.!

As our products are digital, they are non refundable. If you have ideas or suggestion how we may improve this product or if you experience any problems using it, then please contact us.

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You'll get an Excel File with a Word Search Generator Pro, including Word Search, Number Search, Emoji Search, Trivia Puzzle Inside !


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