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Create QR-Code Images as a Nonogram Puzzles
QR codes are capable of storing lots of data. When scanned with your mobile phone, the QR code allows the user to access information instantly. The information could be a word, a piece of text or a link that directs you to a website!
Nonograms or Japanese crosswords are a very unique kind of graphic crosswords, which requires logic and creative thinking to solve them.
This Excel tool enables you to create an unlimited amount of unique QR-code nonogram puzzles in different sizes. You can choose to display the puzzle with 5 different levels of difficulty.
You can export these puzzles directly as an image to other programs - for example a PowerPoint template, Photoshop, Word, Paint or any other program that allows pasting images.  You can use QR-Code puzzles  to create a KDP Puzzle book, which you can publish on Amazon. It is also possible to save the puzzles as seperate images in a folder on your computer, together with images of the solutions.
These puzzle images can then be inserted in your design, planner, journal or other presentation or KDP Amazon book. 

With this Excel tool you can:

  • Create Unlimited QR-Code Puzzles Based on your Text.
  • Different Puzzles of All Sizes.
  • Puzzles and Solutions can be Saved on your PC.
  • Puzzles and Solutions can be Exported to other apps or programs.
  • Settings for 5 Levels of Puzzle Difficulty.
  • Settings for Colors.
  • Settings for Export Puzzle & Solution.

Ideas with what you can do with these QR-code Puzzles

- Create QR-Code for a Coupon Code for one of your products.
- Create QR-Code Puzzle that shows a
text with a theme (e.g. biblical verses, inspirational quotes,quiz answers, fun-facts, jokes, trivia.....)
- Create 
QR-Code for a Link to a hidden cheap KDP book for sale or give-away. 
- Create QR-Code for words that
fit inside a crossword puzzle in your book.
- Create multiple QR-Code puzzles, together forming
parts of a solution.

**This tool Works with WINDOWS - MS Excel. -Internet Explorer  (currently does not work on MAC)**
**As our products are digital, they are non refundable. If you experience any problem with this product then please contact us**

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QR-Code Puzzle Generator - Create QR-code Images as Puzzles! | KDP Amazon

14 ratings
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