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Puzzle Book Generator for KDP

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You get this Puzzle Book Generator for FREE when you have purchased any of the puzzle series, starting from $3,- !
This Puzzle Book Generator enables you to create puzzle book interiors inside PowerPoint within 5 minutes!
These books will be created from lists of available puzzles and solutions. Every selection will be randomized and shuffled so that every book is totaly unique and one of a kind!

This puzzle book generator in PowerPoint creates an almost unlimited amount of unique puzzle book interiors which can be printed as pdf and directly uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You can mix and combine different puzzles and different levels inside a book making each and every puzzle book unique!

You can use your own(**) puzzles images (webp,jpg,png) or download one of the puzzle collections containing thousands of unique puzzles:

Classic Sudoku 9x9: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme.
Sudoku X: Easy, Medium, Hard.
Fillomino 9x9
Futoshiki 6x6
Hashi (aka Bridges) 7x7
KenKen (aka Calcudoku) 6x6
Kuromasu (aka Range)
Masyu (aka Pearl)
Takegaki (aka Loopy)
Gokigen (aka Slant)

Download Puzzles !

With this Puzzle Book Generator in PowerPoint you have the following options:
* Change the number of puzzles and pages.
* Insert a page with instructions for that particular puzzle.
* Select a variety of puzzles from different puzzle lists
* Option to insert the solutions.
* Change the titel of the puzzles/solutions
* Shuffle the puzzles randomly every time you create a new book, so each book interior is unique! 

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(**)The images of the puzzles and solutions are resized to 3” by 3” when inserted in the pages/slides.

**This tool has been tested with WINDOWS 10-11 and MS Office PowerPoint   (currently does not work on MAC)**

This PowerPoint tool is Free; But you're invited to make a small donation. All donations for this tool will go to KIVA to help people build a better future for themselves and their families.

We envision a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.

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Puzzle Book Generator for KDP

21 ratings
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