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Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator

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A fallen phrase puzzle is a type of word puzzle where a set of letters, forming a phrase or sentence, has "fallen" to the bottom of a column. In the process of falling, the letters have become mixed up, but they still maintain their original vertical alignment within the same column. The challenge of the puzzle lies in unscrambling these vertically aligned letters to reconstruct the original phrase or sentence. Players must decipher the correct order of the letters by identifying the words and their proper arrangement, ultimately revealing the hidden message.

This Generator in Excel can create an unlimited number of Fallen Phrases Puzzles. You can use the phrases that come with this tool or easily add your own themes and phrases.
For example: Motivational quotes, Trivia about any theme or topic, Bible quotes, Famous Saying, Riddles, Jokes for kids and adults and so on...
The puzzles will be generated in bulk and saved as quality image on your PC! You can then mannualy or use another tool to insert them in your book interior.

Here's how it works:

  1. Input Phrases: You can input your own phrases or select from a range of themes and content.
  2. Bulk Generation: The generator can create multiple puzzles in one go, saving them as high-quality images on your computer.
  3. Flexibility: Customize the difficulty level, grid size, and other puzzle parameters.
  4. Quality Images: The generated puzzles are stored as image files, making it easy to manually insert them into your book's interior or use other tools for importing them.

--> Set the difficulty level of each puzzle and add clues
--> Control the width of your puzzles
--> Create various puzzles based on phrases with a different theme
--> Shuffle the phrases randomly
--> Preview the puzzles on screen before saving them
--> Copy single puzzles and solution to the clipboard and paste them to any location or program
--> Option to tilt the letters
--> Set the fonts and font size of the words

--> Quotes and trivia sentences included. Easy to add your own phrases.

This tool only works with Windows Operating System and MicroSoft Excel.
As our products are digital, they are non refundable. If you have ideas or suggestion how we may improve this product or if you experience any problems using it, then please contact us.

All products created with this tool are fully licensed for commercial purposes.

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Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator

4 ratings
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