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SENTENCE Word Search Puzzle Generator

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This tool is currently only available in DEMO mode, feel free to download it here.
requirements: Windows OS

This word search puzzle generator creates an unlimited amount of unique puzzles where the puzzle words are automatically selected from sentences. The tool inserts all generated puzzles into a PowerPoint presentation, in bulk. Here you can edit your puzzle book interior and export it as a single pdf-file, ready to print or directly upload to KDP

You can select csv files with sentences, quotes or other text from specific themes or any subject that you want to use. It is also possible to create your own unique csv files with themes, trivia, stories, quotes and so on !

  1. Max Words - set the maximum number of puzzle words used in a word search puzzle.
    Min-Max Characters - use the words which have have between min and max number of characters
  2. Total Puzzles - the total number of puzzles that will be generated for the book interior
    Words/Sentence - You can select to display: a. only the puzzle words b. only the sentence with underlined words. c. both the words and the sentence.

    One page/TwoPages - The first page contains the puzzle, but you can add another second page which can contain more text, images, a weekly planner etc.

  3. File Settings - Here is where you select your CSV (comma separated values) file with the puzzle sentences and other text that will be used for the puzzle generator. Some csv files with examples are included, but it is easy to create your own.
    As the puzzles and the text will appear inside a pptx file, you can use a template file with the option to select a specific layout. A pptx template file is included but you can also create your own layout designs.
  4. Puzzle Cells Width and Height - Here you select the dimensions of your puzzle grid
  5. Grid Size - if desired you can stretch or shrink the width and height of the puzzle grid image. You often combine this with changed size of the puzzle cells, to create more space for more puzzle words or allow enough space for longer sentences to appear below the puzzle grid
  6. Status Log - displays the results of your puzzle generating process and also shows potential errors or bugs that may appear during this beta testing stage.

  1. Font Setting - select the font and size for the various part of the puzzle.
  2. Grid Settings - change the lines and their size of the puzzle grid
  3. Directions - there are 8 directions for the puzzles to appear inside the grid, you can select which directions to use.
  4. Template pages - Here you can select the (background) layout for the pages that are available with the template.pptx you have selected. You can create your own 'Master layouts' with background images and with text placeholders for page 2 where the text gets inserted from the csv files.

on the 'page 2' tab you can change the settings for the text to appear on the second page.
column 1 in the csv file contains the text for the title of the puzzle
column 2 in the csv file contains the puzzle sentence
The next 5 columns (3,4,5,6 and 7) contain text for the text placeholders of the layout pages.

it is also possible to add csv wordlists to create Word Search puzzles. This csv file also can contain extra columns with text about that particular topic. (Tip: use ChatGPT to generate text for these columns!)

Note: Several software options can open and edit PPTX files. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Microsoft PowerPoint: Available as part of the Microsoft Office suite.
Google Slides: A free, web-based application that is part of Google Workspace
LibreOffice Impress: A free, open-source alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint
OnlyOffice: A free and open-source office suite that includes a presentation editor.
Microsoft Office Online:A free, web-based version of Microsoft Office.


**This tool Works with WINDOWS Operating System

If you have ideas or suggestion how we may improve this product or if you experience any problems using it, then please contact us.

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SENTENCE Word Search Puzzle Generator

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